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Last month I wrote about October; my birthday month being a time for new beginnings and it kinda like felt strange as often people talk about new beginnings as part of the new year resolutions.

I reflected on whether I should wait until the beginning of the year when everyone is adopting new year resolutions or should I go ahead. I came to the conclusion that whilst the temptation to wait till January was compelling  but sometimes the conventional route is not always the right way to go and you have to appreciate and embrace your own uniqueness. So I affirmed myself and resolved that there is no better time than NOW!

Whilst I was still pondering on these issues it dawned on me that maybe I am talking about a transition. I am in the process of rebirthing myself as a woman leader and as an entrepreneur so I am in transition…right!

Often times transitions are scary and challenging and that we are all better off with what we know and we often say – anyway it’s tried and tested it might not be perfect but it works so why bother! I believe transition is good and necessary as it gives you a time to reflect and ask yourself the big question ‘Why?‘.

Why do I coach? Why do I live in South Africa? Why do I live inland instead of the coast and why do I go to work everyday? Why do I believe in the special role that women play in the economy and society etc.

I might not be able to answer these questions in this piece however as I journey through transition and as I am traversing the new path these questions need to be answered as if I don’t, I run the risk of complacency and not achieving the one thing that is dear to me – serving my clients and living my purpose.

So no matter when you decide that it is time to reflect or it’s time for change … take a step back and ask the big question ‘why’? It is those answers that will keep you aligned with your values; live your purpose and also navigate through transition.

Have a great month!!!!

Pam Yako

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Birthday…new beginnings

October is my birthday month and I often use the time to reflect on my journey and what I had planned for the year and what I have accomplished. This year was a good year as most of the things I set for myself were done…yippee!!!! I also took the time to go to Tuscany in Italy where I attended a 7 day Eat Pray Learn Retreat (hosted by Carl Brooks – and thereafter took four days just visiting and exploring Tuscany on my own.

There is nothing as liberating than going on your own to a foreign country where you do not really know anybody, don’t speak the language and you just leave your home and your comfort zone and explore the world and give yourself permission to go out there as a citizen of the world and have fun. Fun I had – I explored Tuscany, enjoyed the food (of course with the vino) and learnt a lot about myself on who I am and what I am about. Often times we are caught in the mode of doing things – chasing deadlines – playing our roles and we forget about spending time with ourselves and have deep conversations with oneself whilst ensuring that you take care of your body, mind and your soul.

On my birthday I woke up and did some morning stretches and a few yoga poses that I could remember and then took out my journal and just answered the following questions:

  • How do I feel about my life at the present moment?
  • What things I am proud of?
  • What are the things I will stop doing?
  • How do I fulfill my purpose in life?
  • How do I show up differently in the world?

I was quite amazed about what I have achieved to date and of course also recognising how much I was not spending time with myself and looking after the God given soul and in essence I took three main resolutions – I am going to love and nurture myself more, I will let go of my self doubt and fear and pursue my purpose in life and finally I will nurture and build all the personal relationships that matter to me and unashamedly do so.

Well that is my journey moving forward – and did I need to go to Italy to take these decisions maybe not however the trip gave me the impetus and in the sanctuary of nature and foreign land I could do this. Now I need to be true to myself and honour the promises I made to myself. I owe to me as more than anything I realise that “I matter”.

With regard to the retreat I learnt a lot about myself as an entrepreneur (yes I said it – up until this month I have not referred to myself as an entrepreneur despite the fact that I have been running my business for 6 years) and the limiting beliefs and how my past experiences have actually held me back – more about that in future blogs – for now I am happy and ready for the new beginnings and excited about taking the quantum leap to explore my dreams, love and honour myself and nurture relationships that matter.

Expect more from me as I share my journey and in the process pursue my passion.


Pam Yako

Leadership Coach

‘Helping women leaders to be attuned and find their inner goddess’

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Spring Awakening

“Spring drew on . . . and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.” —Charlotte Bronte

As we begin this spring season I could not help but reflect on the words of this writer and the more deeply I pondered the more I realised that we have once again reached a beautiful season – a season of rebirth, hope and a season of change.

We have spent the winter months in hibernation and now it is time to unshackle the chains and release ourselves from all those things that held us back as we justifiably protected ourselves from the cold. It is time to blossom, be alive, dream again and work tirelessly towards the achievement of our goals.

A big question arises though – do we know what is it that we are striving for? Do we know what are dreams and goals are? Is it career progression? Is it improvement of our health or fitness levels? Is it saving money for that overseas trip? Is it landing the ideal job? Or is it starting that business and quit your current job? Do we even know?

For many people if a stranger were to stop them in the street and ask them a simple question of what their dream life or lifestyle would be, chances are that they would not be able to convincingly answer that question. Alternatively, the question would be – what are you most passionate about and to what extent are you spending your days pursuing your passion or dreams.

For some people the answer would be anything like As soon as…” or “I’d like to…” or “I used to dream…” while explaining a daily life tangled up in too many demands and never enough time or energy to get to the things that matter most.

How about using this new season to rekindle your passion and identify what you like and pursue the things you like doing and feel energized by.   My challenge to you this spring is – take it as a time to reconnect with your soul, your passion, find and pursue the things that make you feel happy as opposed to pleasing others or trying to belong or appear responsible.

Finally, use the time to do what you love, connect with the people that adore you or add value to your life, find those activities that energize you and more importantly reawaken the real you and love yourself for who you really are and continue to pursue your essence.

Happy Spring!!!! Loving you always


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“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman” – Margaret Thatcher

The United Kingdom has been in the news lately around the ‘Brexit’ referendum and it is almost befitting to quote one of British’s strongest leaders as their vote sent shockwaves through most of the world’s markets. We will not delve on the political and economic issues posed by such a vote safe to say that we now need level heads and strong leaders to move us into a different trajectory.

We need visionary and resilient leaders; who can walk the talk; self manage, lead by example and make things happen. However; without the right level of emotional resilience things can go in the wrong direction and hence we need leaders who are able to manage the gap between the stimulus ( something happen to you or your world) and the resultant action or subsequent behavior.

Women leaders have over the years demonstrated these qualities although often not recognized. Women leaders possess incredible amounts of resilience and a ‘to do’ attitude. I know of many women who have against all odds and after a whole lot of things thrown at them, are still able to pull themselves together; find their inner resolve; recalibrate their journey and forge forward. They walk the path with indelible scars and still able to provide for the family; nurture the young ones and hold institutions together.

Strong emotional resilience is a rare skill in the world we live in. Jan Bruce in Forbes magazine writes – “a recent study on the correlation between resilience and key health and productivity measures found that resilience is the foundation of success and possibility; with high levels of resilience significantly correlating with a better health status, higher job satisfaction, morale; productivity and lower stress”

Is this an in born skill or is it learnt? I do not know but what I know for sure is that the world we live in and the organisations we work for desperately need resilient leaders and hence at the upcoming Zenande Women Leaders’ Retreat we will be spending a whole day on the topic of building resilience. We will explore this topic through a combination of theory; practical exercises and group activities; sharing and being coached through personal experiences and listening to an invited guest.

To find more information and sign up for the retreat visit –

Let’s all go out there and make it happen notwithstanding whether the tide is coming in or going out. Let me leave you with a quote from Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston from the book; how remarkable women lead – “Valleys are an inevitable part of life; and figuring out how to climb out is much more important than endless worrying about how you got there”. So let’s get out there and make it happen.

Have a great week


Be beaYOUtiful.

Three weeks ago I wrote about love and passion and the need to use this month of love to rekindle our love and passion and how we can use this time to exercise self love. Self-love is the ultimate for everyone as once you attain it then you worry less about how people feel about you. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that a person is an island nor am I advocating for self-centredness.   What I am really talking about is not to look for love externally but know that it begins with an internal focus.

Louis Hay is a great proponent of self-love and she even provides tools that we can use to work towards attaining this state of being. For example, she suggests that you can wake up every morning and look yourself in the mirror and profess love for yourself – Yes, it sounds weird. I know… but it works.

Self-love includes being comfortable in your own skin, giving yourself regular compliments and believing in your abilities. It means less self-doubt and being your own number one fan. It leads to being comfortable in your skin and stop being over critical of yourself. I do not suggest for one minute, that we should not work on improving ourselves and stretch ourselves a little, the point I am making is that if you do not believe in yourself then no-one will.   So – how about – am good at what I do, I love my face, I am nice company etc.

When you exercise self-love then you reclaim your personal power.

Personal power is not how physically strong we feel, but the use of our knowledge, thoughts and feelings to act in a manner to get our own needs met in a positive way.  A person’s self-esteem and self-concept are directly related to whether one gets their needs met in a positive way or negative way. You cannot be a spectator in this world – if you want your needs met – go out there and claim it.

Claiming personal power is not something that is associated with women and because of our nurturing nature and general selflessness society tends to judge us when we turn our focus internally. All sorts of labels get used to describe women that have empowered themselves and decide that they matter and their needs come first and they will attend to them.

As we celebrate, 60 years of the infamous August 9th march, lets be mindful of the fact that at the very core of these celebratory activities is a need for women to be recognized for the role they play in society, the potential and talent they possess and the resilience they bring to the boardroom table.

I am excited about the Diamond Jubilee Series ( as it gives me an opportunity to be nurtured, exercise self-love; be mentored; network with sisters and to be able to stand up and be counted as someone who adds a voice to the fact that women matter. More importantly it gives me an opportunity to claim my personal power and exercise self-love and I can.

See you at one of our events in various parts of the country commencing in Gauteng (11 Alice Lane, Sandton on the 4th of March) or Eastern Cape (Regent Hotel on the 11 of March).

Loving you always




February is known to be a month of love and the stores are filled with Valentine Day’s gifts, products etc. Valentine Day also known as Saint Valentine Day is historically a feast day where we celebrate love and affection. We exchange gifts, cards, flowers, romantic dinners etc. with our loved ones and the day’s history comes from Valentine’s expression of love to a young girl who visited him during his prison confinement. Before his death (allegedly killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons) he apparently signed this letter – “From your Valentine”.

There is often a debate around the significance or the necessity of just dedicating one day to celebrate or express love. Whilst the debate might be necessary to keep our sanity levels as humans for me its about a symbolic day to rekindle our love and passion.

Love can be for someone, for oneself, for a cause, for an object, for a situation – it does not really matter. What really matters is the energy we put behind it and it’s about knowing that is a vehicle, platform or tool to express our passion. We often do not know what our passion in life is and we tend to engage in a myriad of activities ostensibly in pursuit of our passion.

2016 is a very significant year in the SA’s calendar of events and history. It’s a year that we, amongst others, celebrate 60 years of the infamous women’s march to the Union buildings. How best to celebrate this milestone in our history than to use the space and time to remember those heroines by rekindling our love and passion.

I am very passionate about the significant role that women (young and old) play in holding families together, making organisation succeed, nurturing the young and doing everything in their power to make the world we live in a better place.

In 2016 I am proud to be associated with an initiative aimed at recognizing women’s passion, contributions and achievements named – Women Diamond Jubilee Series, with events that are being held throughout the country.

Commencing on the 4th of March 2016 in Sandton and the 11 of March in East London these are celebratory events to recognize sisterhood, embrace love and rekindle our passions. For further info please contact or 012 998 7337. Be part of this significant series or even better give somebody a valentine gift buy buying her a ticket to these events.

Happy Valentine’s Day

As my birthday is fast approaching and as I celebrate another year of living I feel eternally blessed with the love and support I have received from friends, clients and family over the past year and I found myself wondering on what can I give back.

Love is the most powerful emotion a person ever experiences and it also the hardest to describe.   The Bible describes love as “… love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13 vs 4 -5)

In the lead up to October I have been reflecting on my life and my essence and what is my gift to the world. As I read the definition above and reflecting on what the scriptures say I have come to the realization that my gift to the world and myself can only be about love. It encompasses a balance between receiving and giving love. It must be about combining a deep sense of gratitude whilst embracing the need to set boundaries and being able to sometimes be selfish and say NO.

Saying NO is an act of love. Its finding a way of saying to your loved ones – I cannot do this as it is not in line with my values, I cannot afford it, I already have something planned, I do not work on weekends or public holidays; I am off to my child’s parents meeting, that’s my gym time or I just need to be alone and nurture my soul.   It should not lead to a sense of guilt but it should strengthen the relationship as it is based on true love and honesty.

Imagine when you say YES and you mean NO? It leads to resentment and in my view cannot be about building the relationship or strengthen the team but only malicious compliance or not wanting to be seen to be swimming against the tide.   It creates an unnecessary animosity and given a chance it is an opportunity to erode trust and open up inconcealable cracks.

Loving yourself is also an important part of love. It is about saying I MATTER and I need to look after myself. I must understand what I need in order to be able to help others and to use the anology on the aeroplane – “please put your own oxygen mask first before you help children and others”. This might sound selfish but loving yourself is the greatest gift of all.

In the next year I will be working with the Zenande team to offer you products and services that are aimed at enhancing love. They are about knowing that we MATTER and we can give more to the world when we are taken care off. Zenande is in the month of October offering a workshop on “ Redesign your life and career workshop” (if interested contact and please join us on a journey of love.

Loving you always

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