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Showing Up


This week I am writing on a topic that is often not spoken about. Many people who have attended a meeting; addressed a gathering or even gone for a job interview; do not always talk about what it means.

If you lucky and have a conversation with them afterwards and ask the question “how did it go?” You would most probably get a response along the lines “I am not sure”; “I think it went ok; I am not sure”; or “Will see; I did my best”

Oftentimes people really do not know how did it go and/or they are too scared in case the outcome is not favorable. They are in essence preparing themselves and you for whatever eventuality.

As I go around speaking about the book I often have to answer the same question. “How did the launch go?” I often respond by saying “I think it went ok”. As I write this blog and as I prepare for my next launches I need to get to a more confident response. This will be the case if I show up for my audience and my potential clients.

Showing up is being truly alive to yourself and the impact you are making at any given time. You might not fully show up unless you know why and what the purpose is. The more the reason behind your actions and presence is linked to being authentically you and living your legacy then the better.

Cindy Yantis shares the following tips and I would like to pass them onto you:

  1. Awareness- be aware when you are starting to venture into a numbing activity. This means to be fully aware and conscious of why you are there and what you are seeking to achieve.
  2. Fully engage – by anchoring yourself in the room and fully recognizing your surroundings; the objects around and being fully alive to them, then the more impactful you are.
  3. Promise yourself to strive for excellence – this is in everything you do especially the mundane tasks. As they say the devil is in the detail and you are as good as your last assignment.

As I prepare for my next book launch in Pretoria on the 22 October I know for sure that I need to bring my A game. I need to be on top of what I say or what goes on as for me this is not just an event but it is a contribution to my legacy. And it is an expression of love to my clients and other people who will read my book and continue with the conversations in one form or the other.

Finally as I show up on the day I can only do it in the only way I know how I.e put my best foot forward.

See you in the arena

Pam The Coach

Coming of age


Last week I celebrated my birthday. It was a momentous occasion as I hit the big 50 and I launched my book. The book is called ”Women and Leadership: Conversations that matter”.

Leading up to the launch, I had both feelings of excitement and of anxiety. A friend of mine called this “human”. I guess it is the case but I wished I could find a way to make the feelings of anxiety go away. I share this with you as oftentimes we do not talk about our insecurities and vulnerability and tend to put up a bold face. Brene Brown writes “…You either walk in your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness”. By sharing my story and fears I choose to “own up” and “walk in my story”. In that way I regain my personal power which I need if I am to succeed.

Birthing the book has also left me with a big sense of achievement. I choose to stop and celebrate this achievement, as oftentimes we women we don’t do so because we have set our “deserve level” to be very low. Women have not mastered the practice of celebrating their achievements and I suppose as a leadership coach I need to walk the talk.

Turning 50 has brought to bar two fundamental tensions that women face. I use these to share with the reader, that they exist for everybody. I guess the one thing with coming of age is to accept yourself and be content with what you offer. They say from now on wards the road becomes smoother (I hope so) as what you see is what you get. As someone who is always looking for new ways to show up in the world, it is going to be a tall order and I suppose it is worth a try.

In the next weeks I will be traveling the country introducing the book and also running workshops to share the insights from the book. I hope to meet you in the arena.


Pam The Coach

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