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Nurturing relationships

This month I have already written a piece about relationships.  The article appeared in our newsletter and it was about us taking responsibility and not blaming others.  I reflected on this and decided to write another articles this month entitled Designing Alliances- Empowering the Relationships.  This will appear in the next newsletter which will come out next week.  If you like to be on our mailing list please visit our website and sign up.  Looking forward to engage with you on these issues.Image

Support Programme


Duration: 6 Months
Commencing: 18 April 2013

Government has been engaged in women emancipation programs and initiatives for the past 18 years. In many cases this has yielded significant results especially with regard to representativity. The HOD’s eight principles action plan for promoting women’s em-powerment and Gender Equality within the Public Service has been adopted and it is being implemented.
In line with principle 6 on Empowerment for Women’s Advance-ment and Gender equality, Zenande Leadership Consulting is offer-ing a women leaders support programme.

For more information on our Women in Public Service Support Programme click here

Leadership Event

Accelerated Leadership Programme

Duration: 6 Months
Commencing: 8 April 2013

Zenande Leadership Consulting offers to be a your travel companion on this journey,
Through our Accelerated Leadership Program we work with participants in:

  •  Raising individual awareness and self leadership;
  • Crafting a vision, setting direction & learn to develop implementation strategies;
  • Managing and leading a team to improve performance;
  • Leading in a changing and complex environment;
  • Developing an individual leadership breakthrough roadmap.

For more information on our Accelerated Leadership Programme click here

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