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Hello world!

Hello world!.

I have just finished writing our offiering for Women’s month which is in August in South Africa.  It is that time of the month for our women to celebrate who they are and what they stand for.  What other way to celebrate than to give yourselves a gift of attending the ‘own you power women’s series’.,  You will amongst others walk away with a personal mission statement; a career plan and a personal development plan.  How best to to achieve this if not in the company of other like minded women see details at


Own your power women’s series

It is that time of the year when South Africa will celebrate and honour its women.  At Zenande we are offering these women an opportunity to attend a workshop over two days whose purpose will be to work with others whilst determining their own destiny.  Amongst others the session will help women to develop their own personal development plans.  For details please visit

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